Aligning brands with celebrities can be immensely valuable in terms of brand building, providing that there is synergy to the brands values. Advertisers hope their target audiences positive feeling toward a chosen celebrity will transfer to the endorsed brand or will enhance the brands standing. Different celebrities will accomplish different things for a brand as an endorser. Instinct would have us choose the celebrity with the most fans because more fans mean more customers. While this strategy works in some situations, it’s not necessarily the best plan of action. There has to be some sort of collaboration or connection between celebrity and brand. A brand’s ambassador or endorser shouldn’t be some random celebrity.
Celebrity endorsements need to be approached carefully, manipulated thoroughly and utilized effectively in order to reap the full benefits. When looking for a celebrity to represent a brand, it’s important to know what the expectations of having that celebrity endorsement are. Does the brand hope to connect to a larger audience? Does the brand lack an identity? Is the brand reinventing itself? Whatever the reason for seeking out a celebrity endorser, a brand should approach the situation with a specific goal in mind. Even then, choosing a celebrity to endorse an entire brand can be complicated. Not all celebrities are equal.
Take advantage of existing connections and fan bases, too. Celebrities serve as channels between buyer and seller. If your brand is seeking an audience that happens to follow a certain celebrity, then it should have that particular celebrity endorse its products. Endorsements are most effective when the celebrity’s audience already overlaps with the brand’s desired audience.
Brands look for celebrities who share qualities, values, ideas in order to create a potential synergy between the company and/or its products and the celebrity. Besides, a large follower-base is a key criterion for a brand, as it enables it to reach a wider audience thanks to published pictures, clicks, shares and tweets
Even if a celebrity has millions of fans, if there’s no synergy or relation between the brand and celebrity, those millions of fans will only care about the brand as long as the celebrity is involved. Unless there’s a reason for a fan to like a brand beyond the fact that his or her favorite celebrity is on its billboard, then that brand can kiss those fans goodbye if it ever decides to use another celebrity.
The benefits of celebrity endorsements are extensive, but there can be drawbacks as well. For one, celebrity endorsements can be expensive. In addition to merchandise, celebrities demand millions to endorse a product or brand. Celebrity endorsements can be risky, too. Like all humans, celebrities sometimes get in trouble. When a celebrity gets in trouble, though, the whole world knows about it. If that celebrity happens to endorse a specific brand, that brand is now “criminal” by association and could potentially lose followers as a result.

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