In some situations, yes The immediate result of going to war, is, of course, not peace, but in the long run, war is often necessary to create lasting peace and stability. A perfect example of this is World War Two. Not everyone agrees with war but we have to open our eyes to the fact that war is inevitable.
Looking at the world wars and observing them how people suffer and die, this not why the humanity was created, it was created to see all the people equal as brothers not some crazy people fighting for something which can’t be gained. Take a look at our two World Wars. They have proved that wars cause major suffering and drain coffers – in fact, the only reason that World War I ended was because most of the countries involved were exhausted and fed up, and begged their leaders for a ceasefire to be called. Wars would be endless if it was not for humanity’s own limits.
There are numerous examples of this in history. War in of itself is not bad. It is the goal or reason for going to war that defines its morality. When war is against terrorism, Brutality, Aggressive powers, It make sense to fight against it. When compassion and consideration gives a message of weakness, War would be an option to devastate wrong people from the system and create a better tomorrow. Faith in goodness needs to be established by battling with unacceptable.
Peace cannot come from war because even if there is peace after a war, it won’t last forever. Often, after a war, there is still a group that survives from the previous ruler. They will try to get sufficient forces and convince people to their side so that they can rebel and get what they want. If they succeed, the process could repeat itself.

The only weapon Prevent WAR is Humanity.

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