RAMADAN is all about WELFARE. Since our Childhood we learned and observe that during RAMADAN apart from FASTING & PRAYERS we all tried our level best to help & support needy persons by distributing millions of Rupees in terms of ZAKAAT giving it a Priority in the Month of Ramadan. RAMADAN is also a month of festivity as its brings QURAAN for our guidance.
Since 2012 Pakistan’s Electronic Media Industry is playing vital role in celebrating Month of Ramadan with RAMADAN TRANSMISSIONS. RAMADAN TRANSMISSIONS are airing since almost 14 years but the real boom in its size and volume were seen since 2012. An average TV viewer spends two hours daily watching television. TV viewership on a decline possibly due to people switching to mobile and internet. An average Pakistani watches 117 minutes of television per day On average a television viewer in Pakistan spends 2 hours daily watching television (117 minutes).
GEO ENTERTAINMENT, ARY DIGITAL & EXPRESS Entertainment are the Pioneer in executing the trend of HUGE RAMADAN transmissions, executing the concept of LIVE RAMADAN Transmissions. Introducing large format LIVE Transmissions of TAAQ RAATS including SHABE MAIRAAJ, SHABE BARAAT, SHABE QADAR, RABIUL AWWAL, MUHARRAM and HAJJ Transmissions. This Year we also have HUM Entertainment with a large format of Ramadan Transmission doing simulcast with PTV HOME.
Apart from all the controversies linked with Ramadan Transmissions, Ramadan Transmissions are the source of “PROMOTION AGAINST WELFARE”. Since 2012 mainly, ADVERTISERS and BRANDS are the main source of success in terms of delivering Gifts Items during Ramadan Transmissions.
We need to appreciate & encourage Young & Talented Anchors especially, Imran Abbas who is hosting EHDE RAMADAN Transmission on Express Entertainment since 2018, similarly Sami Khan & Rabia Anum Obaid hosted ITTEHAD Ramadan Transmission on GEO Entertainment in 2018 & Farhan Ali Waris hosted NOORE RAMADAN on APLUS in 2018 are the new faces launched by their respective Channels in 2018 Ramadan Transmission.
In 2018 with some strict guidelines from the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, we observed some serious actions from almost all the Channels who are doing RAMADAN TRANSMISSIONS as they were bound to hire a Proper PHD Islamic Scholars working with Content Management Team ensuring that all the content must be authenticated.
We need to understand the fact that Hosting a 06 to 08 Hrs of Live Transmission is not an easy task for the Host especially while you are dealing with Ulemass & Religious content with the interaction of Large number of Audience sitting in front of you. Similarly, Content Play its Vital role in the overall success of Host & Transmission. Host with no previous experience of hosting Ramadan Transmissions does not means that they cannot host Ramadan Transmission. Hosting Ramadan Transmission needs some basic skills & on top of it is to give complete importance on the Content provided by the Producers & Directors considering religious content as a serious & sensitive Content.
This year again the competition in developing & executing Quality Ramadan Transmissions Content & selection of Hosts looks tough which is a good sign of a healthy competition towards Productive Content for the Viewers.
ARY DIGITAL SHAANE RAMADAN Transmission came up with the unmatched & beautiful SET with depth & ambiance. Waseem Badami along with Iqrar ul hasan looks confident in delivering the No.1 Transmission in terms of quality content, selection of segments & ratings. ARY DIGITAL Team & its CEO Salman Iqbal deserves all the appreciation for developing & executing No.1 Content & Programing with the support of their own Team of Professionals rather than outsourcing it. ARY’s management strategies based on consistency has made them a trend setter in Pakistan’s entertainment Industry. I can still remember the way JEETO PAKISTAN & Fahad Mustafa were launched while INAAM GHAR Game Show was already established on GEO with great success but consistency & long term planning made ARY & JEETO PAKISTAN today’s No.1 & unbeatable Game Show.
GEO ENTERTAIMENT this Year again outsourced Ramadan Transmission to GROUPM Pakistan. Undoubtedly GroupM Pakistan did a good job in 2018 as the GEO ITTEHAD RAMADAN was on second Position in terms of Ratings. This Year again GEO ENTERTAINMENT Ramadan Transmission is developed & executed by GROUPM Pakistan & this time the SET & overall ambiance looks much better & eye catching. We must appreciate GEO Entertainment’s management decision of launching RABIA ANUM OBAID as a solo host for both Iftaar & Sehri Transmissions as she is Performing as a Professional Host with complete control on content & its flow. Rabia Anum looks calm & relaxed while hosting the Transmission which shows that she will be established as a Permanent & successful host for Ramadan Transmissions in near future.
HUM ENTERTAINMENT has made a bold & creative step joining hands with GROUPM for the making & execution of PAKISTAN RAMADAN Transmission simulcast on both HUM Entertainment & PTV Home. To be honest & partial I must appreciate Team HUM & PTV for their great efforts & creativity in bringing a very well planned Transmission with good selection of Host & Co Hosts for the segments. SET, ambiance & overall appearance of Transmission is excellent with very well executed content flow as the credit goes to Team GroupM Pakistan.
GroupM Pakistan once again doing their second consecutive Ramadan Transmission on EXPRESS Entertainment EHDE RAMADAN with Imran Abbas & Javeria Saud with best possible efforts in maintaining their position as this year competition looks tough for Express Entertainment due to the addition of HUM TV Ramadan Transmission.
Finally, this year we are having much better & much more balanced Ramadan Transmissions in terms of Content & Hosts with a tough competition in grabbing eye balls which are the signs of healthy & productive competition. Viewers are also interested in new faces with new & productive content. In reality ARY SHANE RAMADAN Transmission needs to compete with GROUPM Pakistan’s 03 Different Transmissions on 04 different entertainment channels.

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