Displaced Muslims & Ramadan – Support UNHCR with ZAKAT

RAMADAN is all about WELFARE. Since our Childhood we learned and observe that during RAMADAN apart from FASTING & PRAYERS we all tried our level best to help & support needy persons by distributing millions of Rupees in terms of ZAKAAT giving it a Priority in the Month of Ramadan. RAMADAN is also a month of festivity as its brings QURAAN for our guidance.
Fasting is so important to Muslims for a number of reasons. First, when you are not paying attention to your mortal needs such as food, you may be able to become more in tune with God and your spiritual side. Also, the fast serves to remind Muslims of the suffering of the poor. This idea reinforces the importance of charity during Ramadan.
Most of us are truly blessed to be surrounded by our families in the holy month. However, for millions of people, Ramadan is a memory of a life that was lost. Refugee and displaced families will observe the holy month separated from those they love and their communities, far from their homes and homelands. Remembering the past.
It’s also full of emotional and physical hardships. for Muslims who were forcibly displaced from their homes because of conflict and persecution.
The United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates a record 65.6 million people were forcibly displaced around the world at the end of 2016. Among them are 22.5 million refugees who have crossed an international border searching for safety.
It’s difficult to know for sure how many of these refugees personally identify as Muslims. The UNHCR estimates that a significant number of refugees worldwide come from Syria (5.5 million) and Afghanistan (2.5 million) both Muslim-majority countries. Some Muslim refugees are unable to practice the traditions that made Ramadan joyful for them in years past like decorating their houses, eating particular desserts or drinks native to their hometowns, or gathering with their extended families to eat iftar, an evening meal.
The UNHCR recently announced the launch of its Refugee Zakat Fund, a new global structure that transforms its three-year-old zakat programme into a global fund. Aimed at aiding the most vulnerable displaced populations, the fund accepts contributions all year round through the site zakat.unhcr.org
The UN agency also unveiled its “UNHCR Zakat Program: 2019 Launch Report”, developed in partnership with DinarStandard, a growth strategy research and advisory firm and the co-authors of the report, during the Refugee Zakat Fund launch in Dubai.
UNHCR works tirelessly on the ground to provide life-saving support to refugee and internally displaced populations, but we need your help to make this Ramadan about the future. We encourage you to open your hearts and donate generously to give those in desperate need today the gift of looking forward.
UNHCR’s zakat initiative is fully Sharia-compliant and is backed by five fatwas, authorising the collection of zakat funds to be delivered to eligible refugees under rigorous stipulations. “100 per cent of your zakat goes directly to eligible refugees,”. UNHCR’s zakat programme globally received $14.4 million from 2016 to 2018, directly assisting 6,888 displaced families, primarily Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

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