GEO ENTERTAINMENT, ARY DIGITAL & EXPRESS Entertainment are the Pioneer in executing the trend of HUGE RAMADAN transmissions, executing the concept of LIVE RAMADAN Transmissions. Introducing large format LIVE Transmissions of TAAQ RAATS including SHABE MAIRAAJ, SHABE BARAAT, SHABE QADAR, RABIUL AWWAL, MUHARRAM and HAJJ Transmissions. This Year we also have HUM Entertainment with a large format of Ramadan Transmission doing simulcast with PTV HOME.

This year again the competition in developing & executing Quality Content & selection of Hosts was tough & the competition towards Productive Content for the Viewers after 20th Ramadan looks very much clear in terms of viewer’s choice. Data collected from KANTAR from 14:00 to 20:00 (IFTAAR) & from 2:00 T0 5:00 (SEHRI) on C&S Individuals.

NO.1 ARY DIGITAL SHAANE RAMADAN Transmission came up with the unmatched & beautiful SET with depth & ambiance. Waseem Badami along with Iqrar ul hasan again conduct the whole transmission with confidence in delivering the No.1 Transmission in terms of Quality Content, Selection of Segments & Flow of Content. ARY DIGITAL Team & its CEO Salman Iqbal deserves all the appreciation for developing & executing No.1 Content & Programing with the support of their own Team of Professionals rather than outsourcing it. ARY’s management strategies based on consistency has made them a trend setter in Pakistan’s entertainment Industry.

NO.2 EHSAAS RAMADAN GEO ENTERTAIMENT this Year again outsourced Ramadan Transmission to GROUPM Pakistan. Undoubtedly GroupM Pakistan & TEAM GEO has done a great job in developing & executing well synchronized Content, SET & overall ambiance. We must appreciate GEO Entertainment’s management decision of launching RABIA ANUM OBAID as a solo host for both Iftaar & Sehri Transmissions as she has proved herself with her unmatched Performance as a Professional Host with complete control on content & its flow. Rabia Anum looks calm & relaxed while hosting the Transmission which shows that she will be established as a Permanent & successful host for Ramadan Transmissions in near future.

NO.03 RAMADAN PAKISTAN HUM ENTERTAINMENT & PTV HOME has made a bold & creative step joining hands with GROUPM for the making & execution of PAKISTAN RAMADAN Transmission simulcast on both HUM Entertainment & PTV Home. Ahsan Khan again proved his talent & command on content with knowledge as a threat for the existing Male hots for Ramadan Transmissions. We must appreciate Team HUM & PTV for their great efforts & creativity in bringing a very well planned Transmission with good selection of New Female Co Hosts especially Bushra Aamir as she has shown great confidence in Live Transmission. SET, ambiance & overall appearance is excellent with very well executed content flow as the credit goes to Team GroupM Pakistan.

NO.04 ISHQE RAMADAN TV ONE Undoubtedly Sahir Lodhi deserves all the appreciations for his consistent efforts in developing & executing Ramadan Transmissions as a SOLO HOST with good content. Sahir Lodhi needs to understand the importance of content flow. Content flow is the only factor which keeps the eyeballs intact even if you don’t have the attractive content.

NO.05 RAMADAN MAIN BOL ON BOL ENTERTAINMENT We must appreciate the successful strategy by TEAM BOL Entertainment for airing a REPEAT Ramadan Transmissions (2017 & 2018) taking the advantage of GOOD Quality Screen & Quality Content executed by Dr.Aamir Liaquat as a Host while working with BOL. BOL Entertainment also made a good step of launching other Entertainment Content including GAME SHOW with Danish Taimur in Ramadan which shows that they have successfully grab viewership & ratings as well during this Ramadan.

NO.06 BARAN E REHMAT AAJ ENTERTAINMENT Reema Khan this year again has improved her hosting capabilities with Dr.Zubair. With basic content, segments, & execution, the whole Transmission looks different & catching eye balls. Reema with her consistent interest in doing Ramadan Transmissions & improvements will definitely reward her with better position next year in terms of ratings & reach.

NO.07 EHDE RAMADAN EXPRESS ENTERTAINMENT GroupM Pakistan once again doing their second consecutive Ramadan Transmission on EXPRESS Entertainment EHDE RAMADAN with Imran Abbas & Javeria Saud. With the same Production & Content team they are unfortunately failed to deliver this year with nothing creative or new towards content & segments. Undoubtedly both Imran Abbas & Javeria are polished hosts but they were not properly handled with relevant content & failed to even retain their last year rating & position as the competition was tough this Year with the addition of HUM TV Ramadan Transmission.

Finally, this year have observed much better & much more balanced Ramadan Transmissions in terms of Content & Hosts with a tough competition in grabbing eye balls which are the signs of healthy & productive competition.

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