Being opportunistic is not bad – Not every opportunist is a user

Not every opportunist is a user. We have all used our personal arsenal of human resources to advance our own cause, and at different seasons in our lives, our roles will fluctuate between being really needy and super generous. Relationships evolve. They change and they grow. Sometimes they crash and they burn.

Opportunist is someone that finds and takes advantage of opportunities. But sometimes this is not bad because if we won’t seize the opportunity someone else will do. Unlike an opportunist, a visionary not only finds opportunities, but they are able to sustain a vision a direction. A visionary is able to differentiate between opportunities of the moment and sustainable opportunities for the future.

Being opportunistic is not bad if you are also known for giving back and helping others find success as well. Ambition drives us to dream big and take chances. Unchecked ambition takes us off course into negativity.
Giving and receiving is the hallmark of relationships. I’m not referring to these kind of reciprocal, mutually edifying exchanges. I’m talking about those people who ONLY show up when it’s time to collect. We need to understand that every relationship contains such natural behaviour, we need to simply handle them with great care for retaining & sustaining that particular relationship.

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